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Egg Dyes

The seasonal nature of the use of egg dyes makes it even more important that they offer immediate satisfaction to the consumer. The custom of dyeing eggs at Easter time is an important part of Greek tradition

The demands from an egg dye are great as there is no margin for error. This is why consumers always recognise and select a brand name in egg dyes, which will ensure them the desired results and save them from any unpleasant surprises and potential trouble.

Captain’s egg dyes are produced in the European Union and, thanks to their composition, do not only guarantee a perfect result but protect the consumer’s health, as they do not contain toxic ingredients.

With the passing of the years and after many consumer studies and subsequent analyses, we have designed and implemented radical and innovative changes as regards packaging, the creation of new products and our communications policy, with the ultimate goal of offering the greatest satisfaction to the consumer and achieving a competitive advantage over the other dyes on sale.

Today, Captain’s egg dyes offer the greatest variety both in terms of the dyes and the accessories for decorating them, a variety that can satisfy even the most demanding customer.

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