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Vanilla natural

Description: The queen of aromas, vanilla, was discovered by the Aztecs along with cacao. It is said that by combining vanilla and chocolate they made the “drink of the gods”, which was made with cacao and vanilla sweetened with honey! Four centuries later, seeds of the “Vanilla Fragrance” were imported to the islands of the Indian Ocean, where it began to be grown. It is a climbing plant with thick, long and narrow leaves with white and green tints, a type of orchid. It is widely used in pastry cooking because of its intoxicating fragrance.

The use of vanilla sticks in every sweet recipe will generously reward you and open up new horizons in pastry and sweet-making, thanks to the delicate vanilla pod which contains the seeds that hide the authentic flavour and powerful aroma of vanilla.

How to use: Place the pod on a chopping board and, with the tip of a sharp knife, slice it lengthwise into two. With a spoon or the back of the knife, “shave” the insides by pressing down softly so as to remove all the microscopic brown seeds. These can be used to create sweets (they are excellent for fragrancing creams and ice cream).

Uses: Use vanilla sticks in pastries and sweets such as ice cream, creams, mousses and various sweet doughs, such as cakes and cookies. Try it on cakes with runny chocolate, filled brioche, chocolate mousse, Bavarian chocolate cream and panacotta and submit to its magical charms!

Combinations: With cinnamon and cardamom it makes for a wonderful taste combination. Vanilla goes perfectly with cinnamon without cardamom too, and with its very presence flavours are even better. Also goes with allspice, cloves, nutmeg, ginger, mint and sesame.

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