Captain's Spices
Captain's Spices
Vanilla Sugar with Mastic

Description: Captain’s VANILLA SUGAR WITH MASTIC, an innovative idea created to give cooks genuine freedom in all its uses, transforming classic recipes into a unique feast of flavours. A singular combination of the rich fragrance of vanilla with the unique fragrance of mastic, which thanks to the great ability to stir the sugar, distinctively and consistently fragrances every grain of your sweet. The pleasure is thus the same, from the first to the last piece.

Uses: Use as with classic vanilla in pastries and sweets. In each of your sweets, uniquely combine the aroma and taste of vanilla with the beneficial properties and fragrance of mastic. It gives a wonderful aroma to New Year’s pie, brioche, kourabiedes, mastic ice cream and Turkish delight.

Combinations: Combined with cinnamon, cloves, cardamom, nutmeg and ginger.

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